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October 28 2015


Two Lilttle Secrets of Fast Fat Loss

The fitness and diet gurus have already been hiding some important information about weight loss. In this article we'll be discussing two of such secrets about fat reduction which Vic Magary, the creator of 31 day weight-loss cure learned the hard way.

Secret 1: Long, slow and boring cardio exercises are bad for losing weight how to lose belly fat for men

Slow and boring cardio routines work most effectively ways to get lean and toned abs, this is exactly what the diet gurus are already teaching us all some time.

The problem with slow cardio exercises is that you not only reduce weight but you also wind up losing muscle mass in the operation and your body shape seems like a marathon runner. The exercises that define the long and slow cardio include the exercises done using treadmills, elliptical trainers or even simple jogging around your street

To the first 32 numerous years of his life Vic Magary considered that this was the secret for fast fat loss. But he found out that this was wrong while he decided to join the army and finally proved it by creating his program.

He was surprised to understand that his first workout within the army is going to be only Ten minutes long and as dependent on fact, it was one of the most best workout routines which he had ever completed in his life.

Within a matter of ten minutes including some simple body mass exercises gave him an improved workout than any gym session of Forty-five minutes long. He determined that for quick fat reduction one needs to do short quick burst workouts which involve major muscle groups in the body that only allow you to lose more calories when compared to a 45 minute workout but you could make your body a calorie burning machine so that you burn calories after workout too.So you will be slimming down even when you are sleeping. workouts to lose belly fat

Secret 2: Healthy foods facts.

This is the most crucial secret of all everyone gets this wrong, even the so called fit and healthy people. Actually the foods that we feel are healthy have just the opposite effect in our body. These what are named as healthy foods are being backed up by everyone, including the diet gurus and fitness magazines. All of this is discussed in more detail in Vic Magary's program 31 day fat loss cure. One of the foods that is secretly making you fat could be the whole grains and because of it you get a lot of weight around your stomach and love handles.

The reason being that back in those times of caveman and cave woman days they had no choice but you can eat raw at that time or cook which has a stick. The technology was not developed to an extent which they could process food. Moreover these were very active too by doing hunting, building houses. Their meal plan mainly comprised of raw foods like fish,meat,nuts,fruits,veggies etc.

Refined food such as pasta, cereal and bread are available nowadays due to progression of technology This is the key reason why you tend to gain a lot fat around the mid-section because our body is not evolved enough in the short time span as a way to handle those whole grain products.

So rather than accept the foodstuff and help you to slim down, what it actually does is resistance and results in insulin spikes in your blood sugar and you end up putting on pounds on pounds of fat around your belly. If you just stop minimizing the whole grains from your diet plan then you will be easily able to reduce your belly fat by losing up to ten pounds or more of stubborn fat around your belly.

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